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EIB is an insurance broker who is an expert in building and arranging specialised programs to protect the financial interests of its Clients.

EIB is an insurance broker acting on the basis of the authorization of the supervisory authority No. 502 of 23.12.1994.

EIB is an expert in constructing and arranging specialized programs to protect the financial interests of its Clients.

Attention to the highest standards in the field of knowledge and relations with the Client has made the EIB brand become a synonym of a superior quality service among representatives of the insurance market in Poland.

For more than 20 years we have been advising the largest companies in sectors of industry, commerce and services. Diverse needs of our Clients inspire us to create new solutions and continuously develop our standards.

We protect assets worth more than PLN 500 billion and the health and lives of over 100,000 people, which makes us one of the largest partners of Polish insurance companies.

Challenges posed to us by the rapidly developing market, as well as the growing needs of our Clients are our motivation for a continuous improvement.

Registration data:
Headquarters: Toruń, ul. Jęczmienna 21

KRS: 0000050455, District Court in Toruń, VII Commercial Division
Share capital, entirely covered: PLN 100 000
NIP: 956-00-07-485
REGON: 870270059


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The experience and professionalism of EIB and the trust that our Clients have given us are illustrated by the numbers that we are proud of.

billion PLN
Total value of our Clients’ assets
insured through EIB
Of activity - TOP 5
of Insurance Broker Companies in Poland
billion PLN
The value of the largest investment insured by EIB
construction of two 900 MW units at the Opole Power Plant
million PLN
Total amount of premium transferred by EIB
to insurance companies
million PLN
The largest in the history of Polish insurance compensation,
paid out of our policy at the Turów Power Plant
Number of participants in employee insurance group programs
created by EIB
Damages liquidated via EIB
in the years 2000 – 2016



The most important element of the brokerage service is the conclusion of an insurance contract tailored to the needs of the Client, preceded by thorough risk analysis, insurance program constructing and profound market research. EIB constantly strives to improve the quality of services and extend their scope. At present, our role in relations with our Clients goes far beyond the basic framework.

For our Partners we are a consultant and expert in insurance and risk management. Not only do we build and implement insurance programs but also develop potential claim scenarios, create crisis procedures, review contracts and represent our Partners in disputes with insurance companies at the pre-trial stage.

Cooperation with EIB guarantees:

  • - constructing and implementing of an insurance program optimal in terms of coverage and cost of protection,
  • - effective risk management,
  • - efficient proceeding under the Public Procurement Law Act,
  • - quick settlement of damages and payment of due compensation,
  • - effective redress at the pre-trial stage,
  • - professional legal advice,
  • - trainings tailored to the Client's current needs.

Know How

Know How

Good knowledge of the insurer's offer and insurance law, constant monitoring of the environment for new opportunities and threats constitute the basis of the broker’s job. EIB actively participates in the creation of innovative solutions, which over time become the market standard.

Practical knowledge of insurance products of the Polish and foreign markets, combined with a focus on the specific needs of our Clients, allows us to create our own solutions. Insurance contracts concluded in cooperation with EIB are always tailored to the Client’s needs and work in difficult situations. Our Clients are assured that their requirements and needs meet with understanding from EIB employees who are fully responsible for the quality of services they provide.



EIB’s insurance brokerage service is based on internal specialization of our employees within the departments, offices and divisions. We are aware of the expectations of our Clients representing various industries and areas of activity. We realize that these challenges can only be met by real experts and practice leaders characterized by their creativity and innovative approach to problem solving. We know how to translate individual needs of our Clients into the specialized insurance language, the language we are proficient at.

Professionals of EIB provide service to our Clients within trade teams, which include brokers experienced in a given area and, at the same time, specialists in various fields: legal advisers, public procurement specialists, engineers, and brokers responsible for claim handling. Thanks to this, our Partners are confident that they cooperate with people who understand the risks they undertake and speak their language.


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Headquarters in Toruń
87-100 Toruń
ul. Jęczmienna 21
Tel. +48 (56) 669 34 00
Fax. +48 566 693 409
OFFICE in Katowice
40-129 Katowice
ul. Misjonarzy Oblatów 11
Tel. +48 (32) 258 37 50
Fax. +48 566 693 409
OFFICE in Kraków
31-527 Kraków
ul. Supniewskiego 9
Tel. +48 (12) 627 34 00
Fax. +48 566 693 409
OFFICE in Rzeszów
35-307 Rzeszów
Al. Armii Krajowej 80
Tel. +48 (17) 862 66 28
Fax. +48 566 693 409
OFFICE in Warsaw
00-722 Warszawa
ul. Podchorążych 39a lok 3
Tel. +48 (22) 559 14 60
Fax. +48 566 693 409
OFFICE in Wrocław
53-203 Wrocław
Al. Gen. Józefa Hallera 92/18
Tel. +48 (71) 332 96 67
Fax. +48 566 693 409
OFFICE in Bydgoszcz
85-079 Bydgoszcz
ul. gen. Tadeusza Kościuszki 7
Tel. +48 (52) 523 90 77
Fax. +48 566 693 409
OFFICE in Gdynia
81-395 Gdynia
ul. Władysława IV 43 lok. 205
Tel. +48 (58) 620 62 69
Fax. +48 566 693 409
OFFICE in Włocławek
87-800 Włocławek
ul. Targowa 7
Tel. +48 (54) 231 15 36
Fax. +48 566 693 409